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The Blue Mark Gallery calendar lists all art shows scheduled and confirmed by our curator that is open to the public (you). Please click on a show below for more information.



Now Showing May 4 - July 8 2018

Featuring new works by: Luca Barolli, Lauren Betty, Andrew Catanese and Igor Korsunskiy,

Work from the four individual artists fills the space around the collaborative focal point. Each piece represents the artists’ own intimate thread connecting themselves and their work to the collaboration process. As the eye moves from focal point to periphery, the installation unravels, revealing its individual parts and the conceptual lines tying them together.


The Real Milk Studios

Opening July 13 2018 (7-10PM)

Featuring new works by: Emily Braswell and Jenna Rees
Presented and Curated by: Joe Dreher AKA JOEKINGATL

The Real Milk Studios is a collaboration between two Atlanta based artists, Emily Braswell and Jenna Rees, under the art aliases of strawberriemilk_ and warmmilkwithsugar. The shared brand acts as a platform for all of their creative collaborations. It is also the informal title of their common studio space in the Historic Fourth Ward neighborhood.

Braswell and Rees have been a duo since 2010 when they met at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA). It was there that they began their artistic dialogue. Rees then received a BFA degree from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), while Braswell attended University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) obtaining a BA. After pursuing their work independently, Rees in New York and Braswell in Charlotte, the duo felt compelled to reconnect and focus on pursuing their art and collaborative endeavors in Atlanta.  (MORE SHOW DETAILS COMING SOON)


Drowning by Resolve

Opening September 7 2018 (7-10PM)

Paintings & Performances by Amanda Grae Platner
Presented and Curated by: Joe Dreher AKA JOEKINGATL

Amanda’s work deals with the positive adaptation of stressful, uncontrollable situations.  Resolve can be strength; standing up with determination to overcome, facilitate change, and force progress. Conversely, we can settle; resolve to give in, give up, or look away.  Our personal lives, as well as our local and global communities are saturated with a constant drip of stressors, creating a continual need to choose the level of our involvement with progress.  Drowning by Resolve, is a body of work exploring these challenges through painting and endurance performance.

Platner is an artist living and working in Atlanta. She is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in painting. Recently her piece Bipartisan (Work Week Performance) was featured on WABE 90.1-FM’s show City Lights with Lois Reitzes, and in Atlanta Magazine.  More information can be found at www.amandagraeplatner.com



Featuring new works by: Joe Dreher AKA JOEKINGATL