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The Blue Mark Gallery calendar lists all art shows scheduled and confirmed by our curator that is open to the public (you). Please click on a show below for more information.


Better Than The Truth

New Works By R.C. Hagans II

Now Showing Through August 18th 2017 
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM.  

Blue Mark Studios proudly presents “Better Than The Truth”, a solo exhibition by Alabama-based artist, R.C. Hagans. Self-taught and rapidly mutating, Hagans' pattern-centric works from a hyperactive array of contemporary influences such as fine art, train vandalism, and religious symbols.

Located in downstairs Blue Mark Gallery and featuring over twenty works from Hagan's prolific practice, "Better Than The Truth" spotlights his expansive and unrelenting exploration of cultural iconography though rigorous mark-making.


Works By: Atlanta artists Niki Zarrabi and Julio Ceballos

Opening Friday August 25th 2017 (7-10 PM)  

Blue Mark Studios proudly presents “Movement”, a joint-exhibition by Atlanta artists Niki Zarrabi and Julio Ceballos. Featuring two distinct bodies of work, "Movement" explores both the spiritual and physical forces that impact and shape our world.

Located in downstairs Blue Mark Gallery, Zarrabi expresses metaphysical themes of cognition, reincarnation, and spirituality through an intricate combination of surrealism and mixed media. Alternatively, Julio Ceballo's visually-charged and dynamic paintings derive their inspiration from the tension and chaos that exist between civic and civil progress.

The Art of the Portrait

Works By: Jane Shirek, Hollis King, Jessica Becker, Ambler Hutchinson

Opening Friday, October 6th, 2017 (7PM-10PM)

Blue Mark Studios proudly presents "The Art of The Portrait, a group exhibition featuring four contemporary artists exploring the traditional subject matter of portraiture.

Located in downstairs Blue Mark Gallery, "The Art of The Portrait" explores the dynamic potential of a portrait to express personal and universal truths. Featuring work by Ambler Hutchinson, Jessica Becker, Jane Shirek, and Hollis A. King.