Blue Mark Studios

Atlanta is home to many artists.  There are galleries and exhibition spaces throughout the city.  As an artist cooperative and special events venue, Blue Mark Studios can offer a creative atmosphere and environment that completely complements the work ethic and needs of local artists while providing a safe and secure studios and work suites, a new and exciting venue, and the full support of a competent and capable staff.

The idea of an event space that would house galleries and work space was the concept of owner Bryan Seay. He envisioned the preservation of an Atlanta landmark that would result in the creation of an inspiring environment, one that would be attractive to emerging and professional artists as well as creative professionals.  The result was the birth of Blue Mark Studios, already one of Atlanta’s most talked about new spaces, and the perfect spot to host your next special occasion.

Jefferson Street Methodist Church Photo from the Atlanta History Center

Before Blue Mark Studios
In 1881 the building was built to house the Jefferson Street Methodist Church for Exposition Cotton Mills housing community.  It was sold and re-named the New St. James Baptist Church in 1975 , which flourished in Atlanta for nearly 30 years. By 2008 the Church was home to a congregation of less than a thirty members and had fallen into financial difficulty and disrepair.  

Front door.JPG

Blue Mark Studios Building Preservation
With an inspired vision and a lot of hard work, it took just a year for Bryan Seay, owner of Blue Mark Studios, to restore the dilapidated building into the unique property it has become.

His intent was not to tear the building down, but to restore the Church to its original state, thereby preserving its history and creating a unique environment  that would become home to an arts and cultural center...


Blue Mark Studios Today
Blue Mark Studios, with its historic interiors and inspiration-infused atmosphere, is one of Atlanta’s premier artists’ cooperatives and special event venues. 

Expect intriguing exhibitions and presentations by newly-discovered artistic talent from across the United States. Join us for album release parties, movie screenings, and summer celebrations. Book Blue Mark Studios for your wedding, a bid-whist tournament, a corporate presentation, an art class, or a fashion show. Let Blue Mark Studios become your artistic home if you’re a creative professional, or your private gallery if you require a professional atmosphere to present your work.
At Blue Mark Studios our passion is innovation. Let us share it with you. 
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