The Art of the Portrait

Works By: Jane Shirek, Hollis King, Jessica Becker, Ambler Hutchinson

Closing Party Friday, February 9th, 2018 (7PM-10PM)

Please Join us on for the closing "The Art of The Portrait, a group exhibition featuring four contemporary artists exploring the traditional subject matter of portraiture.

Located in downstairs Blue Mark Gallery, "The Art of The Portrait" explores the dynamic potential of a portrait to express personal and universal truths. Featuring work by Ambler Hutchinson, Jessica Becker, Jane Shirek, and Hollis A. King.


Jane Shirek likes to establish a connection to her subjects that allows them to reveal something of themselves.


Hollis King shows each man and woman as King and Queen of the world they inhabit through their personal ‘style’ and body language.

jessica becker.jpg

Jessica Becker loves Rock Stars, and Mexican Artists, those who portray an amplified persona of themselves in images. She chooses existing images and reconstructs them through three dimensional mediums.

Ambler Hutchinson explores the internal self portrait. Parts of herself that remain hidden physically are
brought to life through arresting mixed medium collages.