Past Shows


The Art of the Portrait

Works By: Jane Shirek, Hollis King, Jessica Becker, Ambler Hutchinson

Blue Mark Studios proudly presents "The Art of The Portrait, a group exhibition featuring four contemporary artists exploring the traditional subject matter of portraiture.

Located in downstairs Blue Mark Gallery, "The Art of The Portrait" explores the dynamic potential of a portrait to express personal and universal truths. Featuring work by Ambler Hutchinson, Jessica Becker, Jane Shirek, and Hollis A. King.



Works By: Atlanta artists Niki Zarrabi and Julio Ceballos

Blue Mark Studios proudly presents “Movement”, a joint-exhibition by Atlanta artists Niki Zarrabi and Julio Ceballos. Featuring two distinct bodies of work, "Movement" explores both the spiritual and physical forces that impact and shape our world.

Located in downstairs Blue Mark Gallery, Zarrabi expresses metaphysical themes of cognition, reincarnation, and spirituality through an intricate combination of surrealism and mixed media. Alternatively, Julio Ceballo's visually-charged and dynamic paintings derive their inspiration from the tension and chaos that exist between civic and civil progress.


Better Than The Truth

New Works By R.C. Hagans II

Blue Mark Studios proudly presents “Better Than The Truth”, a solo exhibition by Alabama-based artist, R.C. Hagans. Self-taught and rapidly mutating, Hagans' pattern-centric works from a hyperactive array of contemporary influences such as fine art, train vandalism, and religious symbols.

Located in downstairs Blue Mark Gallery and featuring over twenty works from Hagan's prolific practice, "Better Than The Truth" spotlights his expansive and unrelenting exploration of cultural iconography though rigorous mark-making.


This Is It

Guest Curators: Albert Fernandez & Andrew Muñoz

“This Is It” is an art and music event spotlighting open dialogue and creative expression in 2017. The show is a celebration of outstanding contemporary work being created by artists from diverse backgrounds and practices, with the purpose of engaging our shared humanity through open dialogue during this important time in history.




Ingest In Jest Fest is a LXXX YOU event and art show placing performance artists, dancers, choreographers, and eccentrics “in the ring” to expand on the theme of professional wrestling. The show will have evening performances followed by a dance party

During this vaudeville of the absurd, performers will be given 10 minutes inside a wrestling ring. A curated exhibit will coincide within the Blue Mark Gallery.



CHUTE is an interdisciplinary exhibition in which performance, video, and visual artists have created works in direct response to Sarah Minor’s essay with the same title. Minor’s essay collages historical and informational texts, splitting each paragraph into two via a “chute” of centralized text. Minor defines chute as passageway, hiding place, descending, while reminding us of its role as status symbol and of our own relationship with desire and lack thereof. The artists selected for response approach these themes related to the meanings Minor defines in their own personal practice.


Light Beings

“LightBeings” a group photo exhibition based on three artists perspective of LightBeings. Experience the realm where we unveil our deepest truths + embrace our divine nature. Guest curated by Stephanie C Magaldi.

Light-beings have experienced an awakening of self. Our spirits rejoice in the knowing of our deepest truths, thus our consciousness elevates, and the divine light within us begins to shine.


Tied Up At Home

a collaborative exhibition featuring a combination of five artists using traditional mediums along with three-dimensional site-responsive installation and video. These five artists, William Mize, Megan Mosholder, Wihro Kim, Ivan Reyes and Stacie Rose emulate notions of the intimacy of place, particularly within the clandestine space of the house. The work selected for this show reveals how these elements can contribute (or take away) to the home, creating a dwelling unique to its inhabitants.


Slightly Structured

A Group Exhibition featuring the works of Atlanta based Female Artists. These mixed media artists have developed a true visual language via a process of application, texture, layers, and depth. Creating works that become inherently narrative yet abstracted; co-mingling together yet invoking a distinct feeling individual to each painter.


Ties That Bind

An exhibition that poses the question of how a person is developed through family, heritage and personal history and how those life experiences inspire the need to create. Photography is inherently a narrative medium, this group exhibition will display works that create the photographer's personal narrative.



A group exhibition highlighting artists working in new and multidisciplinary mediums that have developed a process and technique that is uniquely their own, their method accelerates the conceptual aspects of their work.



A multimedia performance and group exhibition based on nine artists perspective of RITUAL 2015
Contemporary art protocols and rituals sustain inclusive, immersive, and transformational practices. Putting forth a heterotopic environment in which resonances emerge between various art methodologies (music, painting, performance, sculpture, dance/movement, word, optics) novel forms of ritualized space emerge.