Better Than The Truth 

New Works By R.C. Hagans

Now Showing Through August 18th 2017

Atlanta, GA - July 7th, 2017-      
Blue Mark Studios proudly presents “Better Than The Truth”, a solo exhibition by Alabama-based artist, R.C. Hagans. Self-taught and rapidly mutating, Hagans' pattern-centric works from a hyperactive array of contemporary influences such as fine art, train vandalism, and religious symbols.
Located in downstairs Blue Mark Gallery and featuring over twenty works from Hagan's prolific practice, "Better Than The Truth" spotlights his expansive and unrelenting exploration of cultural iconography though rigorous mark-making.


Artist Bio I've been told I'm a contradiction, I like to think of it as embracing both sides of the same coin.

Inspired by current events, ancient symbols, pin-ups, religion, and dumb jokes; I use every and all medium in a process I liken to a Pentecostal believer being filled with The Spirit and "speaking in tongues." I'm the vessel, but the message is kept pure by inviting the viewer to interpret. Is it unsettling or beautiful? Tasteful or crass? Reverent or blasphemy? Or, everything at once, all the time?